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Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Letters


Have you been thinking about finishing your degree, but life got in the way? Sacramento State designed a degree completion program just for you!

The new Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Letters is a multi-disciplinary major that’s relevant to your personal and professional life. The flexible, hybrid format allows students to complete their degree while juggling family and work, with courses offered online and on campus.  It is also possible to create a class schedule with only online courses.

You will gain a well-rounded education in many topics, such as art, communication, design, language, history, music, philosophy, theater and dance.

The Bachelor of Arts in Arts & Letters is a self-supported degree completion pilot program administered by the College of Continuing Education for the College of Arts and Letters. 


  • Flexible hybrid format designed for working adults and nontraditional students
  • Intellectually stimulating, high-quality curriculum
  • Degree offers a ladder to career development and promotion
  • Finish your degree in as few as two semesters!


The Arts & Letters major contains 36 units, including the core courses (12 units offered online) and major requirements (24 units).

Core courses will be cohort-based for incoming students, and will be offered in pairings of two courses per semester.

Students will work closely with program advisors to ensure satisfactory completion of all university-wide general education and graduation requirements. At least 120 units are required for graduation, with 30 units in residence at Sacramento State.


  • Adults who want to finish their degree and graduate
  • Those who haven’t been enrolled at a university for over one year

This major is only open to former university students (from Sac State or other 4-year universities) majoring in an Arts & Letters degree or something comparable, who left their university with at least 70 units, including all lower-division general education requirements. Students currently enrolled will not be eligible.

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Sac State College of Continuing Education adds new degree completion program

Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education has partnered with the College of Arts and Letters to provide a new degree completion program for former students who dropped out just short of graduation.