Adult Learning Disabilities Certificate Program

Certificate Hybrid1 year

Adult Learning Disabilities


The needs of adults with learning disabilities (LD) are complex. Professionals who work with these individuals must possess a high level of expertise in the areas of learning disabilities theory, assessment, educational methodologies, instructional strategies, advising and counseling techniques, service delivery models, and knowledge of legal mandates and disability rights.

The Adult Learning Disabilities certificate program provides high quality, relevant course work that prepares participants to more effectively serve adults with learning disabilities.

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  • A core body of knowledge, skills and practice in adult learning disabilities
  • Skills and resources to effectively engage, assess and educate adults with learning disabilities
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals
  • The opportunity for career advancement
  • 15 units of graduate-level credit from Sacramento State


Courses are designed for educators and other professionals who interact with learning disabled adults including:

  • Learning disability specialists and instructors
  • Learning center directors, coordinators and staff
  • Educational advisors and counselors in disabled students’ services
  • Counselors in special services, rehabilitation, private practice and schools
  • Community college and university faculty
  • Instructors in the Department of Corrections
  • Administrators
  • Reading, writing and mathematics specialists


The Adult Learning Disabilities certificate is comprised of six courses for a total of 15 units of graduate-level academic credit. Courses are scheduled in a convenient format to meet the needs of working professionals.

This is a cohort program, and is not self-paced. Participants should be committed to completing the program within the scheduled time frame. If participants miss a course there is no guarantee it will be offered in the future.

If you are interested in taking individual courses, please contact the program coordinator for more information. Please note, participants enrolled in the full 15-unit program cohort will be given registration priority over those taking individual courses.

Units earned in this program are graduate-level. Students who choose to apply these units toward a graduate program must check with the degree-granting institution regarding acceptance of program units.

Learning Disability Assessment Kits

Some courses in this program require the use of specialized equipment and materials. You will be required to learn about and administer a variety of assessment tests and the availability of test kits is very limited.

Participants must borrow a test kit from a local community college and/or share it with other program participants. The test kit lending institution may require that these tests be administered and assessed onsite during regular business hours. Participants must be prepared to conduct interviews and make observations and assessments outside of program class time.


All of the instructors in this program are highly skilled working professionals, drawn from experienced learning disabilities specialists, university and community college faculty, and professionals from related fields.

Computer Capability Requirements

Portions of this program are delivered online. In order to participate in this program, you must have a valid e-mail address, basic computer skills and access to a computer that meets minimum hardware and software requirements.

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