Administration of Justice


Administration of Justice

Certificate Online9 months

Crime and Intelligence Analysis


Arm yourself with the skills necessary for assisting law enforcement in the investigation and apprehension of offenders in the Crime and Intelligence Analysis certificate program.

Student Success Story

Alicia O’Brien
Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program

Ever since high school, Alicia O’Brien wanted a career in law enforcement, but not as a police officer on the street. She found her niche in the criminal justice field while completing the Crime and Intelligence Analysis Certificate Program.

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Courses and Schedule
Crime and Intelligence Analysis

2022 - 2023 Schedule

This certificate program consists of five courses designed to be taken in the order listed. The practicum requirement is completed independently throughout the program.  

Certificate Online8 Months

Cultural Competency
Certificate Program


The Cultural Competency Certificate Program is designed to build cultural competence among a wide range of service providers working. The program focuses on a variety of vulnerable populations and their experiences with public service professionals, including law enforcement, courts, corrections, social workers and those working in the healthcare system.


Facts at a Glance
Cultural Competency Certificate Program

Duration: 8 months

Total Cost: $3,080.00

Format: This program is online asynchronous and synchronously.