Independent Travel Study

Program Overview

Independent Travel Study

Earn academic credit for a planned learning experience while traveling in the United States or abroad!

Applicants for this program are required to pre-plan the program of study and submit a written proposal for approval at least six weeks prior to departure.

The standards for Independent Travel Study are consistent with regular program offerings. You are required to organize your program in such a way as to reach specific educational objectives. 

One (1) unit of academic credit may be earned for every seven (7) days of travel. Participants may earn up to six (6) undergraduate credits or four (4) graduate credits per year.

Participants must be at or above their junior level of high school upon application.

Required Independent Travel Study Proposal Forms

A faculty sponsor will review the travel proposal and you will receive notification of its approval or suggestions for amendment. The current academic registration fee of $250 per unit (payable to Sacramento State) must accompany your registration form.


Guidelines for Independent Travel Study

The College of Continuing Education provides the following guidelines to help you achieve the standards for Independent Travel Study. These guidelines will also assist you in planning your travel in such a way as to make the achievement of your objectives possible.