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“Your gift of education removes barriers, fuels our economy and strengthens families.” — CCE Development Director Kelly Siefkin 


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HornetAttain! Degree Completion Scholarship

Many college students do not complete their degree for a variety of reasons (work, family, finances, health, etc.) Once away from university life, it can be difficult to return due to personal and financial commitments. Yet an undergraduate degree is critical for employment and career advancement in many fields.

To help these learners and meet the workforce demand for more employees with an undergraduate degree, CCE offers programs designed for working professionals to reengage these individuals and help them on their journey to securing a degree. Scholarships help remove the financial barrier for adults returning to complete their degree. 

Did you know? 60,000 adults in Sacramento County are fewer than 15 units from finishing their degree.

Learner Success Story: Meet Jeanne Shuman

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Jill Matsueda Youth Program Award 

Youth Program scholarships support students as they explore education and career pathways, expand opportunities post-high school, and ignite enthusiasm in a future career field.

Through CCE’s Jill Matsueda Youth Program Award, high school students who do not have the resources available to participate, can now receive tuition assistance and technology support to enroll in Youth Programs. The opportunity to build meaningful skills, explore career opportunities and work with university faculty is now available to more students than ever before. Jill served the university from 1991 through her retirement in 2020. She created CCE’s Youth Programs in 2012 to provide a pathway to college education for students in our community.   

Learner Success Story: Meet Jessica Henderson

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Certificate and Credentialing Award 

Many adults seeking to advance their careers will benefit from financial assistance to help them return to school and attain a certificate or credential. Scholarships to help pay for the cost of course fees and materials will allow more working adults in the region to advance their careers, increase their earnings to better provide for their families and instill in them a sense of personal pride.  No financial aid is currently available for certificate programs through the university’s Financial Aid department. 

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First Responder Support

While first responder programs have been in existence for 12 years at Sacramento State, many potential learners are unable to apply because traditional financial aid is not available for students enrolled in these programs. For example, the Paramedic program costs approximately $13,500 and, unfortunately, that creates a barrier for many who are interested in exploring this career.

Starting in November 2020, CCE now offers scholarships to program applicants who would otherwise not be able to pursue this educational program, which is the only Paramedic course offered in the CSU system.

In addition to scholarships, donors like you provide critical emergency supplies and training equipment such as gloves, masks, syringes, IV dressing, gauze, tourniquets, backboards, monitors, mannequins, traction splints, gurneys, computers, tablets, and projectors.

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Graduate Degree Completion Scholarship

No scholarships currently exist for adults pursuing a graduate degree within the College of Continuing Education. However, more students would be able to enroll, pursue, and complete a graduate degree through CCE with the support of scholarships. A graduate degree greatly benefits individuals throughout their career and is a valuable asset to many employers. Scholarship support for adults earning their graduate degree will remove some financial barriers and allow more adults to earn an advanced degree. 

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Travel Study Abroad Scholarship

CCE’s faculty-led travel study programs offer the opportunity for college students to experience and learn in a variety of international domestic locations. Paired with relevant coursework, students benefit by combining their area of study with travel to other locations. Travel experiences are transformative and many students come back a different person. However, travel abroad can be cost-prohibitive for many. 

To provide more travel study programs, CCE offers partial scholarships to remove financial barriers and expose more Sacramento State students to locations around the world. 

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Dean’s Innovation Fund 

In addition to scholarships, CCE offers the opportunity to support Dean Jenni Murphy’s Innovation Fund. Gifts to this fund are used to serve the immediate needs of adult learners including investments in technology, outreach or emergency assistance (such as housing, transportation, family support, healthcare, etc.). The Dean’s Innovation Fund provides the flexibility to address the needs of the college as well as the individuals we serve. 

Meet Dean Murphy 

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Creating Opportunities Together

Thank you in advance for considering a gift to CCE – your support makes a difference for a learner, who may otherwise not be able to complete their education.