What donors are saying


What inspired Jennifer Fearing and Jay Chamberlin to make a gift to provide a scholarship for a near-completer? 

Jay and I are both close to people who for one reason or another were not able to finish their college degrees during the earlier part of their lives. We’ve seen what impact this has had on their career paths, their sense of self-worth, and their ability to support their families. Some studies indicate that in California, college grads earn more than 100% than those without degrees. We don’t think such income disparity is justified, fair, or right, but for those who are just a few classes short of their degree completion, it’s just plain heartbreaking. We understand how life gets busy and that returning to college for those last few credits is challenging to the point of being impossible – particularly if doing so would require finding money for tuition, getting time off work to study or attend class, or being able to pay for child care. We are inspired by Sac State’s approach which recognizes and then removes these barriers to college completion. As UC grads who finished our degrees back when the state still significantly subsidized resident tuition, we feel a moral obligation to help our neighbors and community members get a small helping hand that could make a world of difference for their earning potential, their career satisfaction, their self-esteem, and their ability to provide for their families…. And then ultimately their chance to give back themselves.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  
–  Benjamin Franklin 

Q & A with Sacramento State alumnus Carol Siefkin on why it was important for her to give back to her alma mater. 

1.  Why do you feel it is important for adults to return to finish their degrees later in life? 

             First of all I believe they started college for a reason and then life got in the way.  A dream is always a dream and people should be able to follow their dreams if ever possible.  Sometimes people need a little encouragement and financial assistance. I believe mature graduates are often more ready for the workforce.  This is why Continuing Education is their opportunity. 

 2.  As an alumna, why is it important that you give back? 

             I loved my time at Sac State and the university has only grown and gotten better over the years with many more opportunities for students.  I have always cherished my education and the chance to earn my teaching credential.  Having taught school for 36 years that Sac State helped with and continuing to live in the community has made me want to be a part of all this progress at Sac State. 

 3.  What was your favorite part of attending Sacramento State? 

             It is difficult to select one part as I loved the total experience.  Of course, earning my teaching credential (which I had wanted almost all my life) but also making many lifelong friends, attending athletic events, etc,  Now I love seeing younger friends and family become part of the staff.  I also like attending events occasionally now as a retired person—all because I attended Sac State.