Workforce Development Professional
Certificate and Apprenticeship Programs


Workforce development professionals – in private, nonprofit and public sectors – work in increasingly complicated environments and for years, many have voiced the concern over a lack of standardized training or a professional credential.

The College of Continuing Education (CCE) worked with partners in government, workforce development, labor and education to establish a much-needed standard through a professional development program. This training has been specifically designed to meet the needs of workforce development professionals as a pathway for personal growth and professional advancement.

Participants in this program are able to earn the Workforce Development industry’s first professional certificate OR augment their education with an on-the-job apprenticeship by enrolling in one of the following programs:

  • Workforce Development Professional Certificate
  • Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship

“The Workforce Development Professional Apprenticeship Program has empowered me to succeed in the field of workforce development in ways unforeseen prior to starting the program.” – Matt Hidalgo – graduate


Participants in the program will complete a 132 hour (13.2 continuing education units) professional development program, earn an industry-valued certificate and learn skills to advance their careers such as:

  • Recognize the context and impact of workforce legislation
  • Identify changes and trends in regional and local economies
  • Manage the dynamics of organizational change
  • Network and build relationships with businesses and other community partners
  • Provide customer-centered career coaching and business services
  • Effectively communicate, make decisions to meet business objectives and lead high-performing teams


Benefit to Employees: Certificate, advancement, and increase in wages* and marketability upon completion

*Participants enrolled in the program as Registered Apprenticeships will receive an increase in wages upon completion of all apprenticeship requirements.

Benefit to Employer: Trained workforce (including the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act), improved customer service, higher quality/productivity, improved employee relations

Benefit to the California Workforce Development System: High quality standards for workforce development professionals, consistent and ongoing training for employees and America’s Job Centers of California partners and improved customer service


  • Workforce development professionals pursuing management and leadership positions
  • Individuals who are currently working in the field but have had no formal training


This customized program is offered on a cohort basis and can be delivered on campus or onsite at your location. Workforce Centers can sponsor their staff to attend the program in two ways:

As a Registered Apprenticeship Program in the State of California, participants will:

  • Attend all courses (132 instructional hours)
  • Complete up to 2,080 hours of on-the-job training at their current workforce development center
  • Receive 13.2 continuing education units and a Certificate of Participation from the College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State
  • Achieve journey-level status and a certificate from the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards
  • Apprentices that successfully complete an apprenticeship program will be guaranteed a journey-level position with the appropriate placement on the wage scale (a minimum 5% increase)

Non-apprenticeship participants will:

  • Attend all courses (132 instructional hours)
  • Receive 13.2 continuing education units and a Certificate of Participation from the College of Continuing Education at Sacramento State