Jullanar Williams
Criminal Justice

Student Success Story

Jullanar Williams is a single parent, full-time paralegal and caregiver for her mother, who lives three hours away from Sacramento State. She only has to look into her son’s eye for confirmation she’s on the right path. Jullanar earned her criminal justice degree and credits our online program for making it possible. 

Here is Jullanar’s story, in her own words:

“My life and life experiences in general are at the core of why I have chosen to earn my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. As a mother of a little black boy I am immensely concerned about his future, having him targeted, discriminated against and unjustifiably ending up in our criminal justice system, merely because of the color of his skin.

“For his and the futures of all other little black boys, our criminal justice system requires drastic reformation. I have plans to attend law school and become an attorney, and afterwards going into a discipline with a focus on reforming California’s criminal justice system through litigation, policy advocacy, and legislation research and analysis. Obtaining a degree in criminal justice, I believe, best equips me for such.

“I chose Sacramento State’s online program because logistically it made the most sense for my situation. I live more than three hours away from Sacramento. 

“I am a single parent, work full-time and don’t have a lot of family support to rely on in terms of caring for my child. So undertaking an online program for my education has proven more convenient. Also it has been cost effective: no need to pay for parking or transportation on a daily basis to and from school, no childcare fees, room or board at the college, and all the other costs and fees associated with attending class on campus.

“Quality is another reason I chose Sac State’s online program. It is one of very few completely online programs from a California state university. I wanted a quality education from a good school and not be saddled with a very large student loan debt afterwards.

“I would absolutely recommend the program to anyone who requires or just desires the convenience of online courses toward their degree, especially for those who may work full-time, have families to care for, live out of the area but want a quality education from a reputable university.”

For more information, please visit the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice web page of call (916) 278-2794.