Jeanne Shuman
Criminal Justice

Student Success Story

Jeanne Shuman’s life’s journey has not been easy, a mother of nine children and divorced at 57. But she never gave up on finishing her education nor lost sight of her destination, of one day turning young and disadvantaged lives around in the criminal justice system. Jeanne tells her story.

“I have personal experience with the criminal justice system after being a victim of domestic violence. I suffered severe PTSD and anxieties. I tried to attend traditional classes on campus in Los Angeles, but the first day of class I found myself running off the campus to the safety of my car. I had to figure out a way to continue my education. Education is the key to freedom. The online program at Sac State has allowed me to continue my education, to learn at my pace and schedule, and also to be available as a parent. I am a mother to eight successful adult children and a 13-year-old son with autism. I chose a degree in criminal justice initially because I wanted to work in corrections at the prisons. I was working on being a liaison between the community and the prisons to coordinate programs and services for parolees. I have since changed my career goals to working with developmentally disabled individuals and juveniles who find themselves in the justice system. I am working with a mentor to accomplish this. My professors have been wonderful. Each brings to the table different expectations and knowledge. The one constant I found is that they are passionate and knowledgeable about their subject and really show an interest in us as students. I am a 57-year-old divorced mother reinventing life through the power of education.”

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