Dillon Bunch
Criminal Justice

Student Success Story

Dillon Bunch is a senior airman currently stationed at Beale Air Force Base. He has traveled to Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Great Britain and will soon be deployed to the Middle East, but no matter where he’s stationed in the world, he has kept on track toward his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Dillon picks up the story.

“I wanted to study criminal justice because while serving in the Air Force I realized I really took pride in helping people on base and in the community, and working for things that were far greater than me. And with criminal justice, you’re able to take care of the community and enforce standards for people to abide by. Currently there is a struggle between society and law enforcement and I’d like to be part of the solution. My career goals are to obtain my criminal justice degree and use it to cross-train into the Air Force’s internal investigation branch or attempt to start a career in the FBI. I chose Sacramento State’s online program because I work full-time but was still passionate about finishing my bachelor’s degree as quickly as possible. The program is a high quality learning experience. I think it’s a great alternative to classroom learning and it’s enabled me to travel all over the world and still take classes. I’ll be deploying to two locations in the Middle East before I finish my degree. It’s been a lot of hard work and sacrifices over the years, but I enjoy learning. And it will be a huge moment for me when I graduate.”

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