We Speak California


The College of Continuing Education is a proud partner and training provider to exceptional personnel across all levels of the California State Government Executive Branch.




We Get It.

CCE is a trusted government training partner with over a decade of service to state and federal agencies. As a sister state agency, we know the ins and outs of contract regulations and comply with the State Administrative Manual (SAM).

We’ve fulfilled thousands of interagency agreements, understand the mission, vision and goals of our sister agencies, and excel at providing training and education options to support their objectives.

We listen.

CCE starts every project with a thorough needs assessment. We can bring our instructors to your site during the contract process to immerse them in your world and really understand where they can help. If you need metrics and data, we conduct evaluations and assess proof of performance. You’ll never get a pre-packaged result from us, as we tailor solutions to your needs.

We deliver.

We’re backed by the power of a WASC-accredited university and draw from a pool of content, process and subject matter experts. CCE is the only CSU with a Conference & Training unit, allowing us to plan events statewide. We deliver quality services on time and within budget.

We meet the bottom line.

We can offer lower prices than private institutes because our goal isn’t to make a profit. We simply cover our costs — that’s it. And we help keep state dollars within California by working directly with sister state agencies.

We work statewide.

But we’re still right next door. We’re located in Sacramento just minutes from downtown but have the capacity to support projects across the state and around the world.

Real solutions for organizational change don’t happen overnight. But transformational training and long-term solutions are within your reach.