Provost Graduation Initiative Grant FAQ


What is the Provost Graduation Initiative Grant?

The Provost Graduation Initiative Grant provides financial assistance to select sub-sets of students who are utilizing summer courses to progress toward their degree.

Sacramento State received funding from the Chancellor’s Office to support a myriad of graduation initiatives. A portion of those funds have been allocated to the Provost Graduation Initiative Grant.

How is the Provost Graduation Initiative Grant related to the Finish-in-Four and Through-in-Two initiatives?

Sacramento State is committed to graduating students in a more timely fashion thus the are programs designed to help students who want to graduate in four/two years reach that objective.

Research indicates that access to supplemental programs, like Summer Session, is a valuable option for students as they progress toward their degree. Courses offered during the summer create an opportunity for students to stay on track, catch up, or get ahead.

Who is eligible for a Provost Graduation Initiative Grant?

In alignment with imperatives for improving Sacramento State’s graduation rates, the university identified subsets of student for the grant offering.

    Information coming soon.

    How do students know if they are eligible for the grant?

    All eligible students will receive an email from the Provost’s Office alerting them that they are eligible to receive the grant. Once the student registers for Summer Session, the grant will be applied to their account within a few days and only the remaining balance will appear on their account.

    Why is the amount of the grant different for students at different grade levels?

    The Provost grant is designed to incentivize students to take summer session classes that will help them graduate in two/four years and specifically to help those that are near graduation.

    Sac State wants to honor the commitment to the students who signed the pledge by providing some financial assistance, and help seniors cross the finish line.

    With this tiered plan, Sac State will maximize the available Student Success funds and will be able to increase the number of awards year after year.

    Does the grant cover all the fees?

    No. The Provost grant will be applied to course fees, therefore students will have a remaining balance after the grant is applied.

    In addition to course fees, students will need to pay campus mandatory campus fees.

    Will the grant affect Summer Pell?

    No. If a student is eligible for Summer Pell, the Provost Grant will not affect their Pell award.

    Will the grant affect financial aid?

    The grant will be considered a resource and counts as financial aid received for summer.

    This may reduce the amount of loan students are eligible to borrow for summer.

    Have more questions about your Provost Graduation Initiative Grant? Please send questions to Make sure to provide your name, your student ID number, and your contact information.