LGS Testimonials


The LGS program is a fantastic learning and growth opportunity for any supervisor. The curriculum provides students with a leadership ‘methodology toolbox’ to achieve more effective change management, workforce retention, and decision making, just to name a few. Most importantly, I learned about emotional intelligence, both mine and others’, and why that is important for effective leadership. This program gave me the tools I needed to be a more effective leader and helped me avoid common pitfalls as a new supervisor.
Dave Luiz • Department of Water Resources • LGS Cohort 3 Alumni

I have taken various leadership classes throughout my working career in the military, Federal Civil Service, and I can testify that this LGS class is one of the top 3 classes involving leadership that I have taken.  I would suggest that this LGS class be made mandatory for all supervisors in state service.  This class would improve the performance of all supervisors and benefit every State agency.
Morris Taylor • Department of General Services • LGS Cohort 4 Alumni

 I truly enjoyed the course materials and the class dynamic.  The concepts taught would be highly beneficial to any first-time supervisor or upper-level manager.  I look forward to utilizing the skills I’ve learned in this course throughout my supervisory career.
Phoenix Vigil • Office of Administrative Hearings • LGS Cohort 4 Alumni

 The LGS program is an excellent program, the instructors are well prepared, materials were appropriate, and the pace was good.  I strongly recommend that all supervisors and managers take this program to learn the tools needed to become better leaders in the workplace.
Griselda Ballesteros • Department of Fair Housing and Employment • LGS Cohort 4 Alumni

 This class has been thought-provoking and has challenged my professional motivation. It’s given me many tools that I can use and want to share with my employees.
Kellie Gillman • Department of Developmental Services • LGS Cohort 1 Alumni