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Apply for Fall 2024 by June 1, 2024


Steps for Applying to the Program

  1. Complete the Criminal Justice program application
  2. Gather copies of all college transcripts (unofficial transcripts are acceptable), or if you were a former or current Sac State student contact us to see if we have access to your records.
  3. Submit the Criminal Justice application, transcripts, and copy of your resume to us via email, fax or mail. No application fees are required yet.
Ways to Submit Your Application

You may send your application materials directly to Nicole Baptista via email, fax, mail or in-person:

  • Email (preferred): 
  • Fax: (916) 278-3685, Attn: Criminal Justice
  • Mail: Chris Egurrola, 3000 State University Drive, Sacramento, CA 95819
  • In-person: Drop off materials in Napa Hall on the Sac State campus. Our reception counter staff will ensure we receive your application.

Once you receive your evaluation results from us, we will let you know if you can move onto the formal admissions process (including the CSU Apply application for new students or change of major paperwork for current Sac State students) or if you need more prerequisites before you can begin the program.

Admissions Criteria 

The following admissions criteria must be met prior to getting admitted to the program:

  • All four lower division CRJ prerequisite courses must be completed with a “C” grade or better within the last seven years.  Older courses require approval from the CRJ department chair.  Work experience and training (such as the Police Academy) are not accepted in lieu of academic credit courses. At Sac State, these courses are CRJ 1, 2, 4, and 5 (please see the catalog for course details:  If you need help selecting the correct equivalent courses, please refer to the Articulation Agreements chart at the Division of Criminal Justice. 
  • CSU General Education area A2-Written Communication must be completed with a “C-” grade or better.
  • A course from either CSU General Education area A1-Oral Communication, A3-Critical Thinking, or B4-Quantitative Reasoning must be completed with a “C-” grade or better.  You do not need to complete all three areas prior to admission (although it is recommended) – you just need one of the three areas completed to meet this criteria.
  • Completion of 45 or more CSU transferable units.
  • An overall GPA of 2.6 is required.

All Sacramento State General Education and Graduation requirements need to be met before you can graduate from Sacramento State; these are only the admission requirements for our program.  Please view the Sacramento State Catalog to review all degree requirements for graduation.

While this does not replace one-on-one academic advising with a qualified advisor, you may consider referring to Assist to help you determine which courses you may use to transfer to Sacramento State for General Education requirements:

If you need to find online options for your GE or CRJ prerequisite courses, please consider using the California Virtual Classroom search tool through the CA Community Colleges:  You can find a variety of online courses through the public CA Community Colleges with very affordable fees.  Please use this search as a tool but keep in mind that you should still connect with the program staff for this online CRJ degree program to ensure that you take only courses that you need for your degree with Sac State. 

We recommend submitting your application and transcripts ASAP for review so we can assist you in determining what requirements you currently meet, what requirements you still need to work on, and what specific classes we will accept for these requirements as well as other CSU General Education requirements for graduation.

Application Process

To apply to the Online Bachelor’s Degree Program in Criminal Justice and receive a transcript evaluation, please submit the initial departmental application along with copies of all of your college transcripts to the program coordinator via email, fax or mail.

Unofficial copies of your transcripts are acceptable initially, but official copies are required once you are formally admitted to the program.

For current or former Sacramento State students who are interested in finishing your degree through the online CRJ program, please submit the departmental application and include your Sac State student ID. 

Please do not submit a formal application to Sacramento State via CSU Mentor yet; wait until you are instructed to do so as we will give you specific instructions on how to apply to the online CRJ program. 

If you do not yet meet the admissions criteria, the program coordinator will provide you with specific requirements you need to fulfill and will assist you in finding the right classes so that you can reapply in the future. 

If you meet the admissions criteria, you will receive an admissions checklist of what you need to submit in order to be formally admitted to the program and university. 

If you decide to enroll in the program, you will be required to complete a California State University Application for Admission. Admission fees will include a $70 CSU Application Fee and a $50 CRJ Departmental Application Fee.