Master of Arts in Universal Design for eLearning

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Master of Arts in Universal Design for eLearning


The new Master of Arts in Universal Design for eLearning is a project-based program that prepares students for careers in online and hybrid education and training fields. There is a fast-growing need for teachers, trainers, and instructional designers well versed in universal and inclusive learning design considerations that meet the needs of all learners in digital spaces. With the recent shift in educational modalities, it is imperative that educators improve the design of online and hybrid learning spaces to reach every student.


This program was developed to meet the growing need in our schools and community for accessible and effective pedagogy in the ever-increasingly important realm of e-Learning.

  • 100% online
  • Can be completed in one year
  • Designed for students who want to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in course design
  • Learn ways to remove barriers to increase access to instructional materials, technology, support services, and assessment methods


The program includes degree opportunities for educators, learning designers, instructional coordinators, trainers, and technology specialists. Students will be prepared for a career as Instructional Designers, Instructional Specialists, and leaders in Universal Design for Learning in online, on-ground and hybrid learning modalities. 

Admission as a classified graduate student requires:

  • a baccalaureate degree;
  • a minimum 2.5 GPA in the last 60 units;
  • an intermediate level of educational technology knowledge and proficiency
  • A successful interview with faculty and/or academic administrator 


Each course is designed to provide options and choices in various contexts. It will incorporate social learning and provide students with the opportunity to contribute, collaborate, and challenge their thoughts. Course work will present real-life, authentic connections that make the information relevant to students’ lived experiences.

The coursework is project-oriented and will consist of field-based work. The Culminating Experience (Project) will consist of an ePortfolio where students will add equity and/or technology-based artifacts they developed in each course throughout the program.


The program cost is $495 per unit or $1,485 per course. Total program cost is $11,880 (for 24 units). However, if you don’t have 6 transferable units from BTSA/Induction and/or other approved electives, you will need to take 2 additional electives (6 units), which would be an additional $2,970. You can pay for each course as you enroll. 

Application fees include the $70 non-refundable university application fee paid online through CSU Apply, and a $50 departmental fee which is paid upon formal admission to the program.  Admitted students will be given instructions for how to pay the $50 departmental fee.

Note: At Sacramento State, we strive to offer the highest quality educational programs at an affordable cost.  While the course fees for graduate programs have remained constant for 5 years, fees may likely increase in Fall 2024 in order to continue providing the highest quality program. 

Article Sacramento State News
Man sits in front of laptop, using Zoom with classmates.

Sac State launches new graduate degree
Meant to make online learning spaces more inclusive

A new graduate degree program at Sacramento State will help educators and others ensure the teaching and training they provide in digital spaces is accessible to all learners.