Criminal Justice Courses

Course Listing

The online criminal justice major is a 60 unit program, 12 of which are transferred in as prerequisites and the remaining 48 in the major are taken online in this program. 

All fees subject to change.

  • Lower Division Courses (12 units)
    These lower division courses are prerequisites and must be completed prior to admission.

CRJ 1 – Introduction to Criminal Justice and Society
CRJ 2 – Law of Crimes
CRJ 4 – General Investigative Techniques
CRJ 5 – The Community and the Justice System

  • Upper Division Courses (24 units)

CRJ 101 – Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods
CRJ 102 – Crime and Punishment
CRJ 130 – Fundamentals of Corrections
CRJ 160 – Justice and Public Safety Administration
CRJ 141 – Police and Society
CRJ 123 – Law of Arrest, Search and Seizure
CRJ 121 – Structure and Function of the American Courts
CRJ 190 – Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice

  • Elective Courses (24 units)

Elective courses are selected from two of seven areas, including: Criminal Justice Administration, Investigation, Corrections, Offenses and Offenders, Law, Additional Courses, and Supporting Courses. 

Please see the catalog for a full listing of courses as well as course descriptions.