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COVID-19 Updates and Resources at CCE

This page contains all relevant information related to CCE’s current operations and response to the COVID-19 outbreak including updates to operations, access to virtual services, and other helpful links.

Changes to Operations

CCE is open, and we are here for you!

Napa Hall is now open for in-person visitors Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can also reach staff members on a virtual basis during these hours.

Future changes to operations will be announced on this alert page as the situation evolves.


Virtual Services

If you need assistance, there are several ways to reach us.

  • On the Web: Inquire Online

  • Email:

  • Phone: 
    (916) 278-4433 Voice Mail
    (800) 858-7743 Toll Free with 24 hour voice mail

You can also view individual Programs on CCE’s website to learn more about how each one is adapting to the changing times. More updates will be posted when available. 


Transitioning to Online Learning

CCE offers many online programs already, and has recently converted many traditional classes to online-only delivery. Are you ready to learn in this environment? Read our self-help article to discover the qualities you need to be successful in online learning. 


Covid-19 Certification

As Sacramento State welcomes people back to campus, the university is taking steps to keep learners, faculty and staff safe.  Learners taking any courses, despite modality, may be required to self-certify their vaccination status.


Additional Updates and Resources from Sacramento State

For up-to-date information on Sacramento State policies and procedures regarding Coronavirus, please check the Sacramento State COVID-19 FAQs.

Other Campus Quicklinks



Q: Cancelled classes and refunds

A: For all classes that were cancelled, students will receive a full refund. Refunds will take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Q: Can I still pay for my classes?

A: Yes, you can still make payments either from your Student Center or you may call the College of Continuing Education at 916-278-4433. Our registration unit is currently working remotely and will come in one day a week to process payments.