College of Continuing Education: Opening Doors for Degree Completers


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As California faces a shortage of almost a million college-educated workers by 2025, having a degree will open many doors for career opportunities and advancement. The College of Continuing Education (CCE) at Sac State has designed an online degree completion program, specifically to provide training for those who wish to facilitate the development of the emerging workforce in both traditional and non-traditional settings. Designed to prepare individuals with practical, marketable skills to successfully enter new careers or advance in their current fields, the Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Studies (BSCTS) is ideal for working adults.

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“Students in this program come from different sectors in the workforce, including education, state, government, and those who are business owner,” says Program Manager Veunta Dailey. “This gives students the ability to network and come together to develop assessments and training plans for their organizations, tackle diversity issues, increase accessibility and embrace perspectives, and overall, further their skills to embody quality leadership.”

Past graduates have followed their paths to become:

  • teachers in regional occupation programs, private post-secondary institutions, community colleges, correctional facilities and adult schools
  • trainers and facilitators in public or private industry
  • school and career counselors
  • human resource recruiters and placement personnel
  • mediators or labor relations specialists
  • educational administrators
  • school-to-work coordinators
  • learning specialists
  • administrators, managers and supervisors in public or private industry
  • small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • consultants in business, industry and education

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While in the program, most students continue to work in their current field. Given the program is fully online, students take classes while still balancing all of life’s other responsibilities. Considered a stepping stone to a graduate program, the BSCTS program offers personalized academic advising to guide students as they complete their bachelor’s degree at Sac State. Recognizing that for a returning adult student, it can be daunting to find their way through the CSU system, the staff is committed to making that transition as smooth as possible.

“I learned skills that I use on a daily basis, including my teaching strategies working with diverse populations, working with students with special needs and being culturally sensitive,” says recent graduate Daniel Watts.

The program requires that students have three years, full-time, paid work experience in a career technical/educational/business field.

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