CCE Awards Inaugural First Responder Scholarships

Congratulations to James Cotter and Kimberlie Seeber, recipients of CCE's First Responder scholarship

Future EMT and Paramedic students at Sacramento State’s College of Continuing Education (CCE) will now have the option of applying for a First Responder scholarship, a first-ever opportunity for students in both programs to receive financial assistance.

Open to qualified students starting their classes January 2023, the $500.00 award will offset course fees.

CCE is proud to be the first and only California State University campus to offer a paramedic program. We offer the most clinical and field provider agency contracts of any accredited paramedic program. This translates directly to minimal lag time between the didactic, clinical and field phases of the program. Most students have little to no wait time and as a result finish in one year or less. Additionally, CCE paramedic students consistently rank higher than national averages when taking the National Registry Exam.

In our nine-week EMT course, students receive basic life support training skills needed to become a certified EMT. The classroom structure is divided into lecture and lab time where students get a hands-on learning experience to practice rescue scenario skills. In both programs, students learn from practicing EMTs and Paramedics who work in the field every day.

The first-ever scholarship recipients are James Cotter and Kimberlie Seeber.

“I was just awarded the Sac State First Responder Fund Scholarship,” says Kimberlie Seeber. “I want to take a moment and thank the donors and let them know how appreciative I am of this donation and opportunity to help my future self in the long process of becoming a paramedic. Their thoughtfulness and generosity are very much appreciated. There are no words that can express how grateful I am.”

James Cotter also expressed his gratitude. “In the essay I prepared in hopes of receiving this gracious financial assistance I shared facts, hopes, and struggles that had brought me to the point of application,” he says. “When I read the “congratulations” in the email stating that I was given the opportunity to take advantage of this very gracious offer I felt many things. Surely blessed, moreover I sensed a path of a life changing opportunity. I would not be enrolled in this very important EMT program right now without the help I received from the donors who have a vision to enable good people to serve our communities with EMS skills facilitated by Sacramento State programs.”

The scholarships were made possible by generous gift donors, some who cited lifesaving experiences with first responders as the inspiration to give. If you are interested in supporting the First Responder scholarship, you can make a gift online