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Academic Enrichment


Academic Enrichment classes provide an exciting opportunity for students entering 7th – 10th grades to explore a variety of subjects through the ATS curriculum, and preview college through academic, hands-on classes. Topics typically include art, computer science, English, math and performing arts. 

When you sign up your student for more than one class, you will receive $50 off.  Please indicate “bundle” in the notes section of the registration form. The bundle is limited to one student, two classes only.

Registration is now open. 


  • Academic Enrichment courses provide students with the opportunity to discover new academic and creative challenges in topics not always available in regular school and the chance to explore potential college majors and career paths. 
  • The 2022 teaching staff includes University professors, community college faculty and industry professionals.
  • Academic Enrichment courses bring together intellectual peers from throughout the Sacramento Valley region, allowing them to make new friends, gain self-confidence and improve social skills.


Open to any student entering 7th-10th grades in the fall.


Classes will be offered between June 20 and July 29.