Robert Klotz
Judicial Administration Graduate

Robert Klotz earned his Graduate Certificate in Judicial Administration in 2016. (Courtesy: Herb Ong)

Robert Klotz had over 25 years of management experience in the retail industry, but even after he moved into the court system, getting promoted into higher management wasn’t easy. He was told repeatedly he didn’t have enough court experience. When he first applied to the Graduate Certificate in Judicial Administration program at the College of Continuing Education, he was rejected. But he got back up and strengthened his application and tried one more time.

Robert got the promotion he wanted as the CEO of Amador County Superior Court. Here’s his story:

“I applied twice to the program. I did not get in on the first try and that really motivated me to work harder and smarter. The reapplication process taught me to be persistent and to shake off defeat. I waited over a year to finally get into the program and was very pleased to be accepted.

The great thing about this program is the concepts that are taught have relevance to our real world court jobs. We were able to learn from current court executives. The instructors were able to tell us what had worked for them in the past and we were able to apply those techniques immediately. The instructors also told us what will not work and many times that prevented mistakes in my current job. It is one thing to learn theory and it is definitely another to learn from someone who has already done it for years. This also made me realize how important the staff is at our court and how to apply what we learned to our everyday working environment. I know this has made me a much more effective court leader.

This is a recognized program throughout the state within the court management community. The in-class sessions were an excellent way to network with other students. It also allowed us to bounce ideas and concepts off of our classmates and instructors. This program has the potential to change court employee’s lives for the better. It will make you think, motivate you and expose you to people all across the state that can help your court career.

Not only would I recommend the program, I would say it is vital in gaining an edge when applying for an executive management position within the California trial courts. I would also recommend the program because you work very closely with other highly motivated people within the court. Being around these individuals brings out the best in the entire class. I am aware this program alone can’t guarantee people a position as a court executive officer, but it sure puts you in the driver’s seat to be ready when the opportunity comes.”

If you would like more information, please visit the Graduate Certificate in Judicial Administration web page or call (916) 278-5878.