Q & A with The Golden 1 Challenge : Financial Strategies for Success
Instructor Manuel Morfin discusses the longstanding partnership between Golden 1 and Sacramento State


Golden 1 has partnered with Academic Talent Search for 10 years. Why is ATS such a good fit for Golden 1? 

The Academic Talent Search partnership is one that Golden 1 truly values because of its educational contributions to the communities we serve. The ATS platform allows Golden 1 to promote and provide financial literacy to a diverse group of students. Our people to people philosophy has remained core to who we are and this partnership really flourishes because of the ATS staff. Their knowledge and oversight helps to ensure we can properly conduct a valuable and fun summer course year after year. 

What are the concerns Golden 1 has regarding young people and financial literacy as well as their access to financial literacy programs? 

Our members and the communities we serve can count on us as a partner committed to enhancing the financial well-being of Californians and their diverse communities. When it comes to young people and financial literacy, most youth aren’t exposed to financial literacy tools and resources early enough in life. The ATS partnership provides students with the opportunity to discover topics that are not always available in regular school curriculum. Our goal is to fill the missing financial literacy gap that schools and some parental figures are unable to.  

Both Golden 1 and Sacramento State are anchor institutions, rooted in the community and committed to the people who live here. Tell us more about this important partnership between Golden 1 and Sacramento State.  

Golden 1 has been proud to partner with Sacramento State and as our partnership continues to grow, so do the contributions to our communities. From scholarships, to our athletic sponsorships, to donations, our intern program, and our local CSU Branch just down the street, we have a strong desire to send kids to college and support their growth throughout. We see our partnership with Sacramento State and ATS only growing from here.