Jeanne Shuman: ‘Education is power and offers choices’

Jeanne Shuman: ‘Education is power and offers choices’

When Jeanne Shuman went back to school, she described herself as “a 57-year-old divorced mother who was reinventing life through the power of education.” At the time she was overcoming anxiety and post-traumatic stress as a victim of domestic violence. The ordinary bustle and noise of college life overwhelmed her and she needed a quieter alternative.

She found her safe haven in the online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program at Sacramento State. She interacted with students online and studied in the comfort of her own home, and slowly she gained confidence and courage.

“Obtaining my degree not only marks a life-changing event, but a liberating sense of independence and opportunity coupled with choices.”

She not only finished her bachelor’s degree, she’s earning her master’s degree in criminal justice at Sacramento State.

Here’s Shuman in her own words:

“Higher education has given me the feeling of growth. When I first entered the program in the spring of 2016, I was fearful of the unknown successes that lay ahead. This leap of faith was the first step in coming of age and becoming the fighter I am today. I now realize that the biggest obstacle was truly being successful.

“My nine children are so happy to share in my accomplishments. As they see me excel they cheer me on, saying, ’You got this!’ They are right, I do. And I have convinced them that education is power and offers choices. 

“My future plans are already in motion. I have completed certificates and training programs to assist me in seeking employment with either the FBI or Sacramento County Probation. I would like to ultimately end up in an investigative unit or as a community liaison assisting juveniles who find themselves in the criminal justice system, such as survivors of domestic violence or children who are developmentally challenged.

“Getting an education has allowed me to live those dreams of working with children. The online format is the only reason I have a degree today.”