Art Contest Announces a Winner
Sisterhood Pays Off When Chalking Up More Units


Ronniedith Ramos, better known as “Ronnie,” and her sorority will represent Sacramento State at the 28th Annual Chalk It Up! Festival after winning our first-ever Chalk Up More Units art contest. The sidewalk art by Ronnie and her Phi Sigma Sigma sisters received the most votes during our weeklong event in April.

In addition to her sorority, Ronnie, 20, joined the ranks of first-year students who signed the University’s “Finish in Four” pledge. The program provides extra support to keep them on track, in Ronnie’s case, to graduate in the Class of 2021 and become the first in her family to earn a college degree. “I want to graduate in four years. My parents made a lot of sacrifices, and I want to make them proud and give them better living conditions,” she says.

Here’s the winning chalk art by Ronnie Ramos and her sorority sisters, Sacramento State, April 2018. (Courtesy: Phi Sigma Sigma)

Ronnie was 11 years old and fluent in English when she moved here from the Philippines. American culture was still completely new and different and she chuckles at the recollection, “of touching a classmate’s hair again and again, fascinated” at seeing blonde locks in person for the first time.

People have always fascinated Ronnie so studying psychology came naturally. She plans to become a clinical psychologist specializing in adolescent care, and she’s already getting a headstart. For the past year she’s been working as a nanny for two autistic children. The job offers a supplement to her financial aid, but also life lessons she hasn’t experienced anywhere else.

“I’m learning how to be more patient and how to deal with children,” and more importantly she adds, “how to be more caring for people, in general.”

Sacramento State is sponsoring Ronnie and her Phi Sigma Sigma sisters at the Chalk It Up! Festival over the Labor Day weekend. Here’s the website with more details.

The Chalk Up More Units art contest was something new for the 2018 Summer Session at Sac State.  For more information, please visit