Professional Sales
Certificate Program

Post Sacramento5 months


Many people use sales techniques every day without realizing it. When you have to pitch an idea to your boss, negotiate a project or serve customers, you are using key competencies used by successful sales people.

Through this program, you can take these skills to the next level. You will learn how to build trust, improve negotiations and form stronger customer relationships. More importantly, you will receive mentoring from subject-matter experts who will provide personal guidance to help you grow professionally.

Interactive curriculum and exercises are used in each class, so participants can apply these experiences immediately in their current work environments. The culminating experience of this program includes an individual development plan that measures a return on investment.


  • Improve communication, build trust and strengthen customer relationships
  • Learn proven negotiation skills and tactics to close deals
  • Apply marketing techniques to attract new customers and increase awareness
  • Receive an individual development plan (IDP) to help guide your professional growth


Many career paths benefit from having expertise in sales and negotiation, such as:

  • Account representatives and managers
  • Customer service staff
  • Marketers and event planners
  • Field representatives
  • Business development leads


The Professional Sales certificate program will consist of six required courses totaling 70 hours of instruction or 7.0 continuing education units (CEUs). These courses must be taken in the sequence provided.

Program Courses

  • Introduction to Professional Sales
  • Art and Science of Sales
  • Sales Skills and Strategies
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment
  • Professional Sales Capstone
For more information on upcoming cohorts, please contact Alex Read or Crystal Sims.