It’s Our Anniversary
Celebrating 65 years of success (1951-2016)


Now that we’re turning 65, let’s take a look back on the rich heritage of the College of Continuing Education (CCE).


  • The first professional development courses for K-12 teachers were offered by Sacramento State College in 1951.
  • Approximately 100 courses were offered per year at a shared space with Sacramento Junior College (now Sacramento City College).
  • Much of Sac State’s future campus was pear orchards and hop fields when construction began in 1951.
  • Sacramento State College moved from the Junior College to its new campus on Feb. 9, 1953 with a parade through town called “GO EAST WITH WEST,” in reference to President Guy West.
  • 60% of male students were using the GI Bill in 1954.


Our Name: Educational Services and Summer Session

  • Educational travel becomes integral part of instructional programs in 1961
  • Guy West Bridge dedicated in 1966
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke at Sac State on Oct. 16, 1967. Another icon, Jimi Hendrix, performed on campus on Feb. 8, 1968.
  • Moon landing, July 1969


  • Continuing Education units (CEU) introduced by Chancellor Glenn Dumke in October 1976, to be used as the standard unit for non-credit extension program activities. 1 unit equals 10 hours of participation.
  • Spanish language travel study programs begin in 1976, initiated with funding from NDEA grant. Still running today as Three-Summer Spanish Master’s travel study program.
  • Chemical Dependency program launches in 1976; phased out 18 years later in fall 1994
  • Art and Architecture in Italy program begins in 1979


Our Name: President Donald Gerth re-designated the Office of Extended Learning (ELP) as the Office of Regional and Continuing Education (RCE), with Robert V. Arellanas as dean

  • ELP located in Sacramento Hall
  • Internet goes live 1989


  • First website goes up at CERN 1991
  • Campus buildings go smoke-free 1991
  • RCE moves to 650 University Avenue
  • Japanese Language & Culture courses taught to Intel executives in Folsom, 1991
  • Appointment of Associate Dean, Alice Tom in 1993
  • First distance-learning classes in 1994, via Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS)
  • Bachelor of Vocational Education (BVE) launches in 1994
  • RCE moves to Adams Building at 7750 College Town Drive in November 1994, which includes two classrooms/computer labs. There are 40 staff members and 8 student assistants at the time.
  • Teacher Training Initiative Program sponsored by the Binational Fulbright Commission in early 1996 (brought 26 Egyptian ESL teachers to RCE; with $218,962 in funding)
  • Oxford Berkeley Program- intensive seminars offered in 1996, partnered with UCB Extension
  • First online class offered in fall 1997
  • Alice Tom appointed Dean of RCE on December 17, 1997
  • Conference & Training Services joins RCE 1999, while Summer Session moves to campus


Our Name: RCE is changed to CCE by President Donald Gerth on February 15, 2002

  • English Language Institute launches with 15 students
  • Campus closes for 9/11/2001
  • Napa Hall ground-breaking ceremony, November 7 2001
  • CCE moves into Napa Hall on December 14, 2002. There are 67 full-time staff, 25 part-time staff and 9 student assistants. 8 classrooms, 3 computer labs and 4 conference rooms within 34,000 square feet.
  • Capital Public Radio opens new headquarters in 2004
  • CCE training & development showcase when State Training Center closed its doors in 2004 (““A Partnership between Sacramento State University and California’s Workforce”)
  • Online Caltrans Project Management Certificate Program recognized by PMI (Project Management Institute) as Product of the Year and Provider of the Year in 2006
  • The Portfolio launches in 2006
  • Summer Session returns to CCE in 2010
  • Del Norte opens to ELI, August 2010


  • Guido Krickx appointed Dean of CCE on November 1, 2011
  • Summer Academies for High School Students launches in 2012
  • Jenni Murphy appointed Associate Dean of CCE on August 21, 2014
  • CCE adds another 15,000 square feet to its total footprint, expanding into Modoc Hall with new administrative offices and classrooms in spring 2015
  • Collaborative ADN to BSN program launches in 2015
  • Helen Wussow appointed Dean of CCE on July 25, 2016