Academy Photos


Our photo gallery keeps growing and growing. See what’s going on in the Summer Academies.

Coding Academy

Learning how to code (2017)

“Good Day” features Coding and Cyber Security academies (2017)

Cyber Security Academy

In the midst of a simulated cyber attack (2017)

“Good Day” reporter Courtney Dempsey stops by (2017)

Democracy in Action Academy

California’s Supreme Court Chief Justice pays a visit (2017)

Head inside the chambers of government (2017)

Meet newly elected mayor Darrell Steinberg (2016)

Engineering and Robotics Academy

How to build a robot (2015)

Fashion Academy

Imaginations come alive on paper (2017)

Photographer Denton Mitchell discovers treasures (2017)

Turning old duds into newfangled fashions (2017)

News10’s Mid Day News pays the Fashion Academy a visit (2015)

Just like pros at a fashion photography shoot (2015)

Fire Academy

Students go through a rappelling exercise (2017)

Training to be a firefighter (2016)


Students solve a crime using DNA evidence (2015)

Get Bright with Biotech Academy

Students learn about the biology of glow (2015)

Law Enforcement Academy

Canine officer chases bad guys and chews a bone (2017)

A visit to the Sheriff’s Air Operations Facility (2017)

Robots and law enforcement (2015)

Multimedia Journalism Academy

Tour of the Renovated ABC10 studios (2017)

Watch videos! Students report the news (2017)

Hard hats needed at the Golden 1 Center (2016)

Roll the presses at the Sacramento Bee (2016)

Behind the scenes at the News10 studios (2015)

Theater and Performing Arts

Video: Students respond to contemporary headlines and current events (2016)