22 Hot Topics at California Cybersecurity Summit
Protecting People, Data and Reputations


From cloud security, to foreign hacking, cyberattacks have increased in both frequency and severity and touch more lives every day. No one is immune to the vulnerability of identity theft. And with more people wired to technology, defending against data breaches has become more critical than ever.

The State of California Cybersecurity Education Summit 2018 on October 9 at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento will tackle 22 of the hottest topics in cybersecurity, from the weakest link in cybersecurity and how to configure your cloud to protect against threats, to real time incident and risk management and the future of cyber terrorism.

Up to 800 people in government, private industry and education are expected to attend the daylong summit, presented by Sacramento State, the California Department of Technology, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, California Highway Patrol and California National Guard.

Guest speakers include:

  • Aaron Goldstein, a director with Tanium’s Endpoint Detection and Response Team who has nine years of Incident Response consulting and threat intelligence management 
  • Craig Bowman, vice president of Verizon’s Advanced Solutions Division
  • Martin Minnich, program manager of the California Cybersecurity Institute
  • Wendi Whitmore, a global lead with IBM with 15 years of experience responding to and preventing critical security breaches, conducting forensics and leading global services teams
  • Scott Young, president of synED and California Cyberhub

The summit schedule is located on the State of California Cybersecurity Education Summit 2018 website.

For a second year in a row, the Conferences, Trainings & Organizational Development (CTOD) unit at the College of Continuing Education helped plan the summit.