Hospitality and Tourism Academy
Preparing Students for the Industry's Future

Article By Professor Abhijeet Shirsat, Sacramento StateDepartment of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management

The worldwide pandemic has been especially tough on hospitality and tourism. How do you make traveling or dining out a safer experience? High school students will tackle a real-world issue, learn to navigate change and see a new world of possibilities, says Professor Shirsat.

Here’s his blog on the Hospitality and Tourism Academy:

Like all the industries in the world, the hospitality and tourism industry will experience a “new normal.” Questions like how the industry will look like post COVID-19 and what will the hospitality and tourism industry change in order to accommodate travelers with different expectations are lingering across the industry.

The hospitality industry will have to learn to function in a way not seen before. As the relationship between each brand and consumer starts by building trust, regaining customer confidence will be the first step in overcoming the crisis. Strict sanitary and hygiene measures will need to be applied, with new practices put in place to monitor and control the environment in which the business takes place.

But then the question arises is this enough? Will this bring the travelers back to the hospitality and tourism industry?

The change in the hospitality industry will need a new approach of working, and businesses shall have to adapt to emerging trends in workplace practices. These changes will bring challenges of hiring people with new skills which were not needed in the past.

Educators are adapting to the change and preparing a response to make sure that students are ready for this new era of change that humanity is facing. The Hospitality and Tourism Academy will bring the tools available for this change and provide a first-hand experience for students to be prepared for the future.

Here’s the link for more information on the Summer Academies and to register.